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21 hours ago

Jurassic CrossFit
• What to Expect 6/27 - 7/3 •This week finishes out our focus on thrusters. Monday is an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of running, rowing, and air squats. Tuesday is 3 rounds of push jerks and box jump-overs. Wednesday is our strength/technique day, focusing on overhead squats. Thursday is 10 rounds of toes-to-bars, hand-release push-ups, and pull-ups. Friday is descending reps of rowing and thrusters. Saturday is a team workout and Sunday is open gym. Next Monday is our FREE 4th of July Community Workout, ran by Primal Bootcamp and Coach Lauren!Have a great week and crush your goals! #ProgrammingPreview #WhatToExpect #JurassicCrossFit #GroupClasses #CoachLe ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Jurassic CrossFit
TIPS FOR SUMMER EXERCISE:☀️ EASE UPKnow when to ease up. Chances are you won’t be able to exercise at the intensity you normally do, and that is okay. If you normally run, jog or walk. If you normally walk, slow your pace. As your body adapts to the heat, you can gradually pick up the pace. ☀️ WEAR LIGHT-COLORED, LIGHTWEIGHT CLOTHING Dark colors absorb the heat, making you feel as if you’re wrapped in a warm blanket. Heavy, tight-fitting clothing can also heat you up. Keep it loose and light so more air can circulate over your skin, keeping you cool.☀️ DRINK UPExercising in hot weather increases our body temperature. Our body’s natural cooling system can start to fail if we’re exposed to soaring temperatures for too long. If you’re exposed to humidity, your sweat “sticks” to your skin; it doesn’t evaporate as readily, which can send body temperature even higher. To keep cool, drink plenty of water. After exercise, drink more! Another great way to help re-hydrate is to eat a piece of fruit, or even carrots or celery sticks. The fruit/veggies will help replace valuable electrolyte loss.☀️ DON’T DRINK TOO MUCH Drinking too much water, called over-hydration, can lead to low blood sodium. To stay hydrated but not overly so, make sure you have been eating enough sodium and replacing the amino acids lost in sweat.☀️ AVOID SPORTS DRINKSThey’re loaded with sugars. Sports drinks are not worth the caloric weight. Eating fruits and vegetables during exercise provides ample electrolytes for the body, even further decreasing the need for sports drinks. Keep in mind that the cause of muscle cramping is more often caused by dehydration than by low electrolytes, salt intake, or sugar intake. Rather than eating excessive amounts of bananas or salty or sugary snacks, increase water intake during and after exercise.☀️ NEVER GET TO POINT OF DIZZY OR SICKListen to your body. If you feel weakness, light-headedness, paling of the skin, headache, muscle cramps, nausea or vomiting, or rapid heartbeat, sit down in the shade, drink water, and a nourishing snack. Think juicy snacks like fruit. The last thing you need in heat is dry snacks, which require your body to add water. ... See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Jurassic CrossFit
CrossFit workouts are scaled/adapted to preserve the intended stimuli despite athlete limitations such as experience, injury, illness or range of motion.A properly scaled/adapted workout safely maximizes relative intensity (load, speed, range of motion) to continue developing increased work capacity despite limitations. A long-term goal of scaling is creating the ability to perform workouts "as prescribed." ... See MoreSee Less
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