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13 hours ago

Jurassic CrossFit
👇 Information about PROTEIN 👇We need dietary protein to thrive and survive! Did you know we are always breaking down and building up new proteins?? While we can store carbohydrates and fats, we can’t store protein the same way. We are always losing little bits of aminos along the way, so we need to get enough protein from our diets.• There’s no single “best protein” just like there’s NO “best diet”• Keep protein sources as diverse as possible because our bodies do best on a mix that occur naturally in different types of foods • You need to increase protein intake if you train hard frequently, are injured, sick or recovering from surgery, if you’re older (because we digest protein less well, so we need more to meet requirements), and/or if you’re trying to lose weight. • For most, you want to eat 1-2 palm sized portions of protein per meal and 2-3 if you are highly active. Check out the snip-it below on if you can really eat too much protein! This content is used under licence from Precision Nutrition Inc. and may not be reproduced, transmitted, or otherwise used or reused in any way without the express written permission of the owner. Copyright © [2021] Precision Nutrition Inc. For more information about Precision Nutrition, visit www.precisionnutrition.com ... See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

Jurassic CrossFit
Are you stretching enough? A lack of stretching, especially when combined with activity can lead to a fatigue induced soft tissue shortening over time. This can lead to injury. Benefits of stretching:• Increased flexibility • Increased range of motion • Improves physical performance • Increases blood flow to muscles• Improves posture • Helps heal/prevent pain• It is calming/relieves stress • Helps decrease tension headaches #stretchingexercises #stretch #jurassiccrossfit #crossfit #choctaw #nicomapark #oklahoma #health #takecareofyourself ... See MoreSee Less
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