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6 hours ago

Jurassic CrossFit

Comparing yourself to other people is something that can be damaging to your mental strength, confidence, and the way you talk to yourself.

When you compare yourself to someone else, you decrease your value..
When you start to believe you are not as good as someone else, you are talking negatively to yourself and diminishing your self-worth..

Comparison makes you vulnerable and is incredibly damaging to your ability to stay mentally strong during moments of weakness. Comparison is the thief of joy.

If you use social media to compare yourself to others, social media will be your worst enemy. IT SETS YOU UP FOR FAILURE.

It is so easy to look into the lives of others and compare yourself to their showcased moments:
•They have a better body.
•They are stronger.
•They are thriving.
•They are tougher.
•They have more followers.
•They are so much cooler.
•They never show signs of weakness.
•They are always perfect.

This is when negative self-talk comes in:
•They always have it together, what is wrong with me?
•I suck compared to them.
•Why can they do that and I can’t?
•Why do people like them more than me?
•Why am I not good enough?
On.... and on..... and on..........

This constant comparison begins to make you defenseless, helpless, and DEFEATED. Do NOT believe these lies.

How do you put yourself first?
•Clean out your social media and/or take a social media detox
•Take the time you spent comparing and invest, create, and care for yourself
•Accept where you are, come to peace with it, and make decisions that will move you in the right direction.
•Compare yourself with YOU.
•Love your past as it helped you become a better, wiser, and more courageous version of yourself.
•Where you are today won’t be where you are in 1 or 3 years from now. What matters is not where you are but where you are going.
•”Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more” #Oprah
Shift your focus on what you have (not what you don’t have)
•Decide to not let fear guide your choices. Instead, make love the foundation for your choices.
•Realize you are not perfect and NO ONE is perfect. We are perfectly imperfect.
• Stop saying “I should..” because statements like that focus on what we are lacking. Use “I want..” instead.
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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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6 days ago

Jurassic CrossFit

Turkey on your mind this week? What about stuffing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie? I know we are ready for it ALL!

No matter how you’re spending your holiday, we hope you find some FUN, joy, relaxation, and some peace of mind. It can be easy to get stressed and overwhelmed right now, but GOOD THINGS are happening all around you! Come in and see us this afternoon and Friday afternoon - work hard, spend time with your #JurassicFriends, and sweat all those worries away!

Let’s DO this!!! 💪✨
#HappyThanksgiving #GiveThanks #JurassicWellness #JurassicFitness #JurassicNutrition #JurassicCrossFit #GrowthMindset
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