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16 hours ago

Jurassic CrossFit
We are hosting a CrossFit Level 1 Course on May 29 - 30, 2021 in Choctaw, OK!Sign up at crossfit.com/certificate-courses@crossfittraining #crossfit #crossfittraining #crossfitcourses ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

Jurassic CrossFit
STOP 👏 MEASURING 👏 YOUR 👏 PROGRESS 👏 SOLELY 👏 BY 👏 THE 👏 SCALESo often, we can get caught up in one little data point (AKA.. the scale). I hear lots of non-scale victories that people are so proud of, but then a number on the scale sets them back.. 😢 Hold onto and be proud of moments like these:🧡 Energy Levels 🧡 Progress Photos🧡 The Way Clothes Fit 🧡 Sleep🧡 Hunger 🧡 Mood 🧡 Fitness Milestones/Accomplishments 🧡 Focus 🧡 Skin Is Better 🧡 Inches Lost 🧡 Healthier Coping Mechanisms 🧡 Less Pain/Inflammation 🧡 Medical Markers Are Improving 🧡 Gained Social Support/Accountability 🧡 You’re Eating Better OverallI challenge you to write some of your non-scale victories down and remind yourself of them when you’re feeling negative about your body image.Do you want to be a part of a program where we sit down with you at least every 3 months and help you set/maintain/complete both fitness and nutrition goals? Give us a call or click the link to set up a free, no sweat introduction and a free in-body scan (compliments of Harrah Chiropractic and Center for Natural Medicine) The goal of the 30 minutes is to find a program that works best for you and your goals, and whether you sign-up or not, walk away with a direction in mind to get you closer to where you want to be! https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=20421541&appointmentType=16889600#DitchTheScale #FocusOnEverydayLife #Nutrition #Exercise #Wellness #EatToFuelYourBody #Energy #ImprovedMood #Focus #LoseInches #SleepQuality #LessPain #SocialSupport #Community #GrowthEnvironment #JurassicCrossFit #GroupClasses #PersonalTraining #Oklahoma ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Jurassic CrossFit
Hey mom... Hey dad... They’re watching. 👀 Our children watch our every move to learn from us. No matter how much we SAY, it’s what we DO that matters most. This is why NOW is the perfect time to take control of your fitness and nutrition. Because once you learn how to move in a way that’s functional and promotes wellness and longevity, your kids will learn too. Once you learn to eat in a way that’s not only healthy, but not restrictive and rigid, your kids will learn too. That kind of knowledge is one of the best gifts you can give them! 🎁♥️ #DoItForYou #BeTheExample #Kids #Family #Mom #Dad #FitMom #FitDad #Health #Wellness #Longevity #workouttofeelbetter #Nutrition #EatToFuelYourBody #GroupClasses #PersonalTraining #Accountability #Friends #Community #JurassicCrossFit #Oklahoma #SupportSmallBusinesses #NicomaPark #GoalSetting #GoalAchievement ... See MoreSee Less
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