These training sessions and classes are for anyone looking to live a healthier and more active lifestyle! CrossFit will make a linebacker hit harder, a grandfather able to keep up with his grand-kids and a sprinter faster. CrossFit will help a woman quickly recover after childbirth to get back the body she had. CrossFit can help a victim of a car accident regain strength, mobility, and personal independence. You get the picture. The functional movements of CrossFit translate to life at home, on the field, in the ring, in the yard, at work, etc…

Personal Training 60 Minute Session

Personal Training 30 Minute Session


What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

I am 58 years young. I was on a blood pressure medication and a high cholesterol medication and now I am on none of those, awesome!
If you’re looking for a welcoming place that will challenge you and you’re up to some transformation both mentally and physically – this is the place for you

Patty Allen

CrossFit was something I didnt have much time to think about it, but I do remember being worried when I started. After the first workout I found that it was fun and challenging. People were very encouraging and it was a great atmosphere. I have gained confidence and increased my self-esteem. I quit worrying about how much weight I was going to lose and started to worry about how much weight I wanted to lift.

Kayla Hearn

When my husband told me we were joining CrossFit, I thought he was insane. I had watched those games on TV and was not impressed! 11 months later and I am a CrossFitter for life. Jurassic CrossFit is the BEST CrossFit Box…from the BEST trainer to the BEST FitFamily. The changes in my health, physique and mindset about my health and physical ability has been drastically changed…forever.

Jennifer Savage

Can I attend different class times during the week?
Yes! You can change the times you attend class to best fit your schedule.
If I sign up for two or three days a week does the team workout Saturday and open gym count towards those days?
Yes, if each of those days count as a session.
Is there a military/firefighter/teacher/student discount?

No we do not offer any discounts

I am visiting from a out of town and I would like to drop in and do a WOD.
Our drop in fee is $20 and we would love to have you at our gym.
Do you offer childcare?
No, we currently do not offer childcare.
Do you offer personal training?
Yes, personal training is available and can be scheduled through our head coach Lucas.
What is the minimum age to join?
We require anyone joining the gym to be at least 16 years old.

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