Jurassic CrossFit’s 5 Week Open Prep Course

Starts January 30th!

The CrossFIt Open is an opportunity to assess your fitness capabilities in a fun, slightly different environment than you are used to. For five weeks, we will provide space and time for you to do workouts alongside your best friends.  Elements of your programming have helped prepare you for this test all year long. This year will be the 11th iteration of the CrossFit Games Open, so we actually know quite a bit about what to expect—the movements they can and cannot test, expectations of skill separators, time frames, etc.

This year were going to launch a 5 week Open Prep Course to allow us to prepare you specifically for some of the challenges you will face in the Open. 

What you can expect:

Increased gymnastics skill and improved body awareness.

  • Whatever skill level your currently at will be increased.  If you have struggled with movements on the pull-up bar this course will increase your knowledge base and provide you with the skills to take your training to the next level!  One guaranteed component of the CrossFit Open is a challenging gauntlet of gymnastics skill work and you will have the tools you need with this course.


Accessory and skill work that directly translates to strength gains and long-term health.

  • You hear this in class repeatedly, but without the appropriate strength to do strict movements,  we should not jump straight to advanced gymnastics movements.   We will work on improving our lat and shoulder strength to keep us healthy and happy in the long run.


Fine-tuning skills that increase speed and efficiency in workouts.

  • You’ve probably heard the saying that slow is smooth, smooth is fast.  Moving too fast and rushing increases the chance of mistakes and no-reps, which ultimately slows you down.  Moving carefully and deliberately with a mind for techniques will reduce fumbling and needless mistakes.


Competition Mindset Training.

  • How you approach open workouts will defer greatly from the way you approach a typical WOD in the gym.  In this course we will talk to you about how to mentally prepare to push yourself further than you thought you could and achieve new firsts!


Focus on Nutrition.

  • Everything you eat in the 48 hours before a workout provides the fuel your body and muscles can access during the workout. So we will coach you on how to eat fairly well all the time to get the most out of your workouts.


Improve Your Olympic Lifting Skills.

  • Olympic Lifts are a staple in the CrossFit games that we have seen year after year..  We will work on improving key performance points and we will improve the efficiency of your lifts.  Following this seminar you will feel confident in your ability to execute Thrusters, Snatches, Cleans and Deadlifts.  


Is This Appropriate For Me?

  • If you want to get better at CrossFit and are willing to put in the work, then YES!  All strength/skill work can be modified to fit your current level.  Scaling options will also be provided during every workout.

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