New Building

The old gym started out as a tax office! We went in and talked to the landlord about our plans to create a new gym and then started all the renovations ourselves. Once we had the gym ready we opened in January of 2016. One of our immediate struggles was the lack of equipment. We used what we had and made it work and as we grew we purchased more equipment and eliminated this problem. The word spread and more people wanted to improve their lives by joining the gym and we ran into another problem of not having enough space. We also made this work and tweaked some of our workouts to accommodate the lack of space.

My favorite memory of the old gym is going through the CrossFit Open in 2016 with everyone and the atmosphere that we all had together. As much as I loved the old gym and the memories that we created, I am equally excited about our new gym and all the opportunities that we have now!

Old Building

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