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Welcome to Jurassic CrossFit where fitness is fun!

New to CrossFit?

We used to require most new members to attend a series of twelve (12) one hour sessions that will systematically teach the fundamental movements of Crossfit during a three week period. 

After being open for several years we have revamped this process and now allow all beginners to start with a regular CrossFit class!  If you want to choose a class that is a little slower paced then our 6:30pm class is for you!

If you still feel intimidated and would like to start with personal training before you begin classes feel free to contact our head coach Lucas!

The CrossFit Journal offers some helpful reading is available to gain some understanding of the basic functional movements that will be practiced.

Complimentary Week

Come in, get acquainted, and spend up to a full week with us so you can learn what we’re all about!

Personal Training

Ready to take control of you fitness lifestyle? Sign up for Personal Training to gear up for your CrossFit experience.

Full Membership

Get started today and engage in the full CrossFit experience by signing up for our classes!

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