It took me several years and many jobs to figure out that helping others better themselves and achieve their goals was my true passion. I created Jurassic CrossFit to be a place for regular folks to go and enjoy being a part of a team and to improve their physical fitness.

My favorite part of this gym is how we have created not just a place to better ourselves, but a home away from home, with an amazing family that encourage each other! Some of the skills I’ve used to get here start all the way back in little league softball as a boy through playing rugby in college. After being a physical training leader in the Air Force, I decided to continue pursuing this passion.

After receiving the International Sports Science Association’s Personal Trainer Certification and CrossFit’s Level 1 Certificate, I began to help others achieve some of the same success that I had seen. I initially started off with one-on-one personal training and helped my clients see very encouraging positive results! These training sessions eventually turned into group sessions and with a few of these people and some friends we founded Jurassic CrossFit.

Since founding the gym, we have participated in several CrossFit competitions and even placed second in one. What I love most is being able to compete now on an elite level with my friends and family. Jurassic CrossFit has improved the life of my Crossfit family and my own in several ways and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for myself and the gym.

Lucas Allen

Owner, Jurassic Crossfit

Lucas Allen

We are here to help you set and exceed your goals, in any of our class offerings.

Our Programming Philosophy

The needs of our athletes differ by degree not by type. We believe that everyone should practice constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. It is our goal to prepare our athletes for the unknown and unknowable conditions of their lives. We accomplish this by exposing our athletes to a broad range of stimulus to elicit a broad range of adaptions.

Our Facility

We are the first gym in Oklahoma City metro purposely built for CrossFit. Jurassic CrossFit is a 7,200 sq. ft. CrossFit Affiliate. Located in Nicoma Park, Oklahoma we are home to over 80 athletes. Our members are the living, breathing representation of a true CrossFit family.

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