“What is the “OPEN”?”

  • The Open is a once-a-year, online competition for all different ages and skills all over the WORLD. It starts in February and lasts for 5 weeks (5 workouts)
  • The Workout of the week will be announced THURSDAY evening live on the CrossFit Games Website. After the announcement, the workout will be performed live and they will also go over standards for each movement in the workout.
  • After the Workout has been released, all that are signed up for the open have until Monday to submit their best score online! You can perform the workout of the week at Jurassic CrossFit (or any other CrossFit affiliate).
  • *If you have some case where the workout cannot be completed at a Box, then you can submit a video of you doing the workout instead.*

“Why should I do the OPEN?!”

  • Not only is the open the first stage for qualifying for the CrossFit Games, but it’s an opportunity for any athlete (at any level) to participate in this BIG, international event!
  • COMMUNITY: It brings the gym closer together by doing the same workouts together and by cheering each other on!
    TRAINING: It can generate purpose, meaning, and achievement to your training. Often times, the Open is where many Personal Records and “Firsts” are accomplished.
  • DATA/PROGRESS: Ranking amongst your gym, your region, country, world, etc. which could guide you for goal-setting the rest of year.
    PROGRAMMING: Help your coaches/Box owners determine programming changes, such as the gym’s collective weaknesses and strengths that could guide their focus for the coming year.
  • COMMITMENT: It’s easier to stay motivated during the Open and with your CrossFit training if you are devoted to tracking your progress along the way, with all your gym family!

“What’s the Point? I’ve been doing CrossFit for only a couple of weeks..”

  • Yes, you can participate in the Open! Every Open Workout will have a scaled option. Think of it as an opportunity to set a performance baseline for CrossFit, because I promise you will be amazed at your progress if you continue with CrossFit training and retest the following year!

“What’s the Point? I’ve been doing CrossFit for a couple years now..”

  • It’s easier to lose drive and coast through classes with less intensity if CrossFit isn’t all that new to you anymore. A little competition could really bring out the best in you and bring back a little intensity to your workout routine again, giving you a reason to push past what you thought you couldn’t do! It also could act as a bit of a reality check if you haven’t been sticking to the standards for the sake of moving faster during a workout or to achieve an “RX” next to your name on the whiteboard. Maybe the take-away for you is that you could count your reps more properly, work towards honesty and technique in your movements, achieving (at the least) full range of motion on each of your reps. This will help if you do decide to compete in a local CrossFit competition in your area and get a taste of what it’s like to be judged in those same movements.

“Okay, I’m in! How do I sign-up?!”

  • You can register at games.crossfit.com website for only $20 –which goes towards running the competition and the scores that will be stored under the profile you will create and use for years to come.
  • Make sure you join your affiliate [Jurassic CrossFit]!


  • STEP1: Sign up for a time slot for Friday night! Sign-up sheets will be available at the gym on Tuesdays.
  • STEP2: Attend the live watch party at Jurassic CrossFit Thursday night (starting around 6:45 pm, for the 7:00pm LIVE showing). Not only will we see a match-up during the live announcement, but Jurassic CrossFit will have a match-up between two members who can share their advice on how to go about the weekly workout!
  • STEP3: Attend “Friday Night Lights” at Jurassic CrossFit Friday night! If you aren’t going to show up during the whole event, at least try to show up early for the time-slot you signed up for so we can run everyone through the workout as quickly as possible! It will be a lot of fun, with every team cheering every person on during the weekly workout and we make an effort to have a cookout every Friday night for the 5 weeks of the Open. You won’t want to miss the Friday nights everyone at the gym talks about for the remainder of the year… so many PR’s and firsts from you and your peers you just won’t want to miss. You are more than welcome to bring friends and family to Friday Night Lights at Jurassic!!!
  • STEP4: Submit your own score online to your profile at games.crossfit.com before Monday evening. Your coach will have to validate your score, that is why it is essential you do so in a timely manner!
  • ***If you want to re-test or didn’t get a chance to complete the workout on Friday, there will be a “first come, first serve” at Open Gym on Sunday from 12pm-2pm


  • Just like the past year, Jurassic CrossFit will have intramural teams for the Open!
  • After you sign-up on games.crossfit.com, your name will show up under your CrossFit affiliate and your coach will be able to see that you’re in! Whoever is signed up at this point and time will then be in on an anonymous draft where only the team captains and coaches will be at. Last year we had all the names on the whiteboard and determined which team gets to pick first (thumb war most likely), then take turns picking members from the list. The reason why we have a draft is to ensure the teams are put together fairly with around the same number of athletes on each team!
  • From there, it is free game on anyone who has yet to sign up for the Open. You and your team can recruit other members to sign-up for the Open online and join your intramural team! (We don’t want you to miss out on all the fun we are all about to have together for the next 5 weeks)
  • The team who accumulates the most points throughout the 5 weeks of the Open will win a banner with their team picture on it that will stay up in the gym for the rest of the year!


  • 1 POINT for every team member who attends Friday Night Lights at Jurassic CrossFit
  • 1 POINT for every score turned into games.crossfit.com before the expiration time on Monday night – both RX and Scaled competitors!
  • 5 POINTS for the “Team of the Week” for the team who shows the most team spirit, the most noise, pride, and presence.
  • 1-5 POINTS for Top 5 Male Athletes AND Top 5 Female Athletes (RX Only)
  • 5 Points for 1st Place, 4 Points for 2nd Place, 3 Points for 3rd Place, 2 Points for 4th Place, and 1 Point for 5th Place

6th Week of the Open – Jurassic CrossFit Style

  • We will have a bonus workout planned, which will be the Friday after the Open! Just like the ACTUAL Open, Jurassic CrossFit will announce the workout live on Thursday and on Friday, you will complete the workout! This will be our Final cookout and celebration for all those who participated in the Open!
  • ***There will not be a re-test option for this 6th workout and the team winner will be determined from there!***

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